In our Milan based Atelier all pillows are designed individually, one by one, using the best quality materials from well-known designer brands and historical companies.

Every pillow is a project, because we feel that accessories are the details that best express individuality and style, in fashion as well as in the home décor. Therefore also decorative pillows should be unique, not mass production. We aim to give our clients the maximum variety with bespoke quality and we love to do custom, even for a single pillow.

Most pieces in our collection are one of a kind designs with a unique appeal due to the special materials, distinctive use of color and exclusive embellishments. We source the fabrics for their beauty, their luxurious materials and their intriguing pattern and color combinations. Some exceptional textiles we find during our travels, in historical archives or through special suppliers, always focusing on quality and style for a timeless appeal.

We have skilled artisans for special embellishments with exclusive pattern such as hand embroidery from India or handmade bloc printing.

All pillows are meticulously hand crafted in Milan, combining these distinctive and unique fabrics with premium natural materials and handmade trims.


Some of our pillows are meant to be a focal point in the ambience and we would love them to inspire conversation about how and where there are made, the type of textiles, materials and their uniqueness.

Therefore we include a little note with each pillow giving a brief history for you to keep.


Each pillow comes with a personalized canvas bag which may be used for storage.

For large orders individual bags with custom logo may be provided.


Due to the handmade nature of each product and the use of delicate and vintage textiles, pieces may vary slightly in size and have minor imperfections. These are the elements that give the product it’s unique quality and character and should not be considered defective.


We offer highly personalized custom service to give you the perfect pillow made to size, with any type of fabric, trim or color combination for private use or contract.

We are glad to help you with the special design and material selection, but we may also follow specs.



Most of our pillows are unique and in most cases cannot be reproduced, but we will be glad to research similar fabrics and trimmings for you should your preferred pillow not be available any more.


Pillows made with designer fabrics from current collections that may be reproduced according to your needs. You may choose color, material, style, size, the edge detailing and trimmings. Just let us know.


Especially suited for the outdoors with durable fabrics, trimmings and special filling, these pillows are water repellent, soil resistant and protected against color fading due to light or saltwater exposure.

We can make bespoke pillows with designer fabrics for you in any size, style and color combination.


We have an embroidered and a hand printed collection with exclusive patterns suitable also for outdoors. Both can be made to order with special pattern or colors, but it requires a minimum order to set up the loom or make the printing blocks.


In our Couture collection we stock some precious pillows with handmade embellishment from India. These are one of a kind, but may be special ordered with different materials and colors.

We can make about any type of embroidery or embellishment, with silk or metal threads, beadwork, coin embroidery or application of precious stone on various textiles.

Depending on the complexity, time frame, quantity and budget, the embroidery can be made entirely by hand (needle embroidery), with hand-guided machine or on a mechanical loom. We are glad to send you a proposal to suite your needs.


In our Couture collection we feature pillows made in collaboration with a company specialized in hand printed fabrics for In and Outdoor use. Our pillows are made with exclusive patterns and colors on a variety of textiles, which can be customized upon request.


We offer custom service for Designers and for Contract orders for Hospitality projects, Residential and Yacht Interiors by following specific indications from designers or by creating a custom collection for the project.

Please contact me for any enquire or for more information, I’ll be glad to help with anything you may need - katrin@sohildesign.com.